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What is the use of tissue paper in handmaking
2019-03-21 16:43
Tissue paper is widely used, including toilet paper, tissue wrapping paper, seal paper, light paper, wax paper base paper, paper rope base paper, pattern paper base paper, invoice book, tissue paper and crepe paper, etc. It is an indispensable thing for modern development to facilitate our life. Pages have been an important part of the paper industry for many years. Nowadays, the continuous growth of paper production capacity is realized through new technology that can satisfy the quality of products.

The development of multi-laminar slurry box provides the opportunity to use different primary and secondary fibers simultaneously in sheet paper production, making the final product multifunctional. In a multi-laminar slurry box, a A combination of two ingredients or three layers of fiber to form a single sheet of paper.
In addition to multi-laminar slurry box, concentration dilution distribution technology can reduce paper quantitative changes. This technique can be easily used after modification of existing paper machines. Especially for multi-laminar slurry box, the change of quantitative distribution can be reduced from 2.0% to 1% by using concentration dilution distribution technique. Reduce the quantitative fluctuation of the paper, and copy out the uniform paper.