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Classification of ribbon
2020-02-12 10:10

According to the characteristics of the ribbon itself
Elastic webbing and rigid webbing (inelastic webbing).
According to the technological points
Mainly for woven belt and knitted belt two categories.The ribbon, especially the jacquard ribbon, is somewhat similar to the standard weaving process, but the standard warp is fixed and the weft expresses the pattern;On the other hand, the basic weft of the ribbon is fixed and expressed by the warp yarns, using small machines that may take a long time to plate, produce the yarns, and adjust the machines relatively inefficiently.But it is possible to produce a bewildering variety of products, not always the same as the cloth.The main function of the ribbon is decorative, but also functional.Such as the popular mobile phone sling.After the ribbon is woven, you can also print all kinds of words/patterns on silk screen, which is usually cheaper than directly weaving the text patterns.

Woven belt is mainly divided into two categories: non-shuttle woven belt and woven belt.At present the market is more common than shuttle woven belt.
According to the characteristics of the points
A/ elastic band: hook band/wire elastic band/twill elastic band/towel elastic band/knob elastic band/pull frame elastic band/anti-slip elastic band/jacquard elastic band
B/ rope type: round elastic rope/needle, PP, low elastic, acrylic, cotton, hemp rope, etc
C/ knitting belt: because of its special structure, it refers to the transverse (dimensional) elastic belt, mainly used for the knitting belt with rolling edges
D/ letter belt: polypropylene material, word letters, double letters, letter round rope, etc
E/ herringbone belt: transparent shoulder belt, yarn belt, thread belt
F/ bag ribbon :PP belt, nylon side belt, cotton belt, rayon ribbon, acrylic ribbon, jacquard ribbon...
G/ velvet belt: elastic velvet belt, double-sided velvet belt
H/ various cotton border, lace
T/ flannelette tape: flannelette tape is made of velvet with a thin layer of wool inlaid on the tape
M/ printing belt: tailor various patterns on the belt.