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Incorporating Glitter into the Food and Drink
2024-01-04 18:31
Opt for a glittery cake. There are a variety of ways to incorporate glitter to your wedding cake. Talk to a baker about a possible glitter cake. 
You can go for glitter frosting or other glitter embellishments.[9]
You can add frosting that has a glittery feel, such as gold frosting.
There are also frosting options that use edible dust that gives your cake a glittery feel.
Add edible glitter dust to frosting. You can use edible glitter dust for frosting on a variety of baked goods. 
You can use it as frosting for things like donuts, cookies, pastries, and anything else that requires frosting.[10]
If you want, you can incorporate your wedding colors. For example, you can use blue edible glitter dust if blue is one of your wedding colors.
Decorate cocktails with glitter. You can add glittery substances, like colorful salt, to the edge of cocktail glasses. 
You can also cut out shapes, such as hearts, from glitter construction paper. Then, glue them to stirring sticks as a glittery embellishment for your cocktails.[11]
When serving cocktails, you can also use glittery serving trays.
Serve food with glitter silverware. You can have glittery utensils as silverware. You can have forks, knives, and spoons that are fully covered in glitter. 
If you want something more subtle, you can have forks and knives with glittery handles.