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Whale of a Time Thank You Card
2020-07-06 17:01
Thank someone special with the Whale of a Time Thank You Card!  Create your own whale-themed card from blue and gray cardstock, markers, scissors, glue, a blue glitter pen, blue tissue paper, and a wiggly eye.  Afterwards, add a beach-scented candle, decorative seashells, or Swedish fish for a fun treat!
What you'll need:
Dark blue, light blue, and gray colored cardstock
1 wiggly eye
Blue glitter glue pen (optional)
Small piece of blue tissue paper
How to make your Whale of a Time Thank You Card
Fold the light blue piece of cardstock in half to form the card.
Using scissors, cut a large tear drop shape from the gray colored cardstock.  Cut a bubble letter “Y” from the gray colored cardstock.  Glue together to form the whale.  Glue the whale to the center of the card.  Allow the glue to dry.
Using scissors, cut a long strip from the dark blue cardstock.  Scallop the top to make it look like waves.  Glue to the bottom of the light blue cardstock.  Allow the glue to dry.

Glue the wiggly eye to the head of the whale.  Cut a small “Y” shape from the blue tissue paper and glue to the top of the whale to look like water coming out of the whale’s blow hole.  Using a marker or a blue glitter glue pen, give the whale a smile.  Allow the glue to dry.
Using markers, write “Thanks for coming!  I Had a Whale of a Time!”.
Your card is complete!  Use the card as a thank you note after having a guest over!
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