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2020-03-06 09:07
Manual origami chrysanthemum tutorial
Tools / raw materials
Diameter: 6cm, 5.5cm, 5cm, 4.5cm, 4cm round, 3 * 17cm color paper.
Glue, scissors
1. Use one piece of origami paper cut 5 circles with diameter of 6cm, 5.5cm, 5cm, 4.5cm and 4cm respectively.
2. Fold the circle in half as shown in the figure.

3. Fold it in half again as shown in the figure.
4. Cut into two petals as shown above.
5. Cut the middle of the two petals downward as shown in the figure.
6. After unfolding, cut some of the middle of all petals.
7. Pinch in the middle of each petal.
8. Make all five circles as shown in the figure.
9. Glue from big to small.
10.3 * 17cm color paper fold in half along the middle.
11. Cut the bottom with scissors as shown in the figure, and pay attention not to cut it.
12. Roll it up as shown in the figure.
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