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2020-05-22 21:36
 Choose the appropriate cover according to the size of the book you want to pack. Put the book in the middle and fold the paper in half to see if the width is the same on both sides.
2. According to the outline of the book, press some marks to connect them, cut the middle of the paper path of the book package along the marks, and fold them according to the marks to deepen them. Then pack the books according to the creases.

3. First fold in the book cover on one side.
4. The same is true on the other side.

5. Then tuck in more than one version.
6. The effect of tucking in. The cover of the book is wrapped, and the wrapping paper is also used.
The book wrapping paper can be used to make protective film for some monitors. Generally, the book wrapping paper is a plastic transparent protective film, so there is a computer / small TV at home. You can cut the book wrapping paper and stick it on the front of the screen, which can prevent some dust / liquid from directly staining the screen of the monitor. When cleaning the screen, you can remove the protective film, which is also convenient for cleaning.