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How to Wrap the Book in Self-adhesive Paper
2020-08-03 17:29
How to Wrap the Book in Self-adhesive PVC Film

1. Peel 1 inch (2.5 cm) of paper off the side of the plastic layer. Self-adhesive paper works like a band-aid or sticker. 
Start at one of the side corners and lift the backing paper up, exposing the sticky plastic underneath. 
Work your way down and peel 1 inch (2.5 cm) of paper off. Then fold the paper over, making a straight line parallel with the plastic.
 Don’t peel off any more than 1 inch (2.5 cm). The Self-adhesive paper will be very difficult to work with and could stick to itself
 if you peel all the paper off at once. Work from the sides of the Self-adhesive pvc film not the top or bottom. 
You measured the paper from the sides of the book, so the size will be incorrect if you peel the top or bottom first.
2. Lay the book’s text block just over the fold so it touches the sticky plastic. Line up the book where the backing paper and Self-adhesive paper meet. Then press the book cover onto the Self-adhesive pvc film. Press your hand down along the book cover to work out any air bubbles under the plastic. Make sure the book cover is straight. If it’s crooked, your measurements will be off. Peel the book off and press it down again to straighten it out.

3. Pull the backing paper off while pressing the Self-adhesive pvc film down. With the Self-adhesive paper sticking onto one side of the book cover, flip the book over so the cover is facing up. Hold the cover down with one hand and grab the fold of backing paper with your other hand. Pull the backing paper slowly to peel it off. At the same time, use your other hand to press the Self-adhesive paper down onto the book cover. Smooth out any bubbles as you press the Self-adhesive paper down. Use a ruler or similar instrument to help press the Self-adhesive pvc film down and push out any bubbles.
4. Cut the corners off the Self-adhesive pvc film at a 45-degree angle. Stop peeling when you reach the book spine. Take a scissor and cut diagonally along the corners of the Self-adhesive paper at a 45-degree angle. Get close to the book cover but be careful not to cut it. Then cut the Self-adhesive paper at the spine straight down towards the book, parallel with the spine. Get as close to the book as you can without hitting the cover. With these cuts, you can easily fold the Self-adhesive pvc film inside the book.

5. Fold the sticky Self-adhesive paper inside the book cover. Start with the Self-adhesive pvc film near the block text. Fold this flap inside the book cover and press it down to work out any bubbles. Then do the same with the 2 side flaps. If you make a mistake or leave bubbles under the Self-adhesive paper, carefully peel up the wrapper and press it down again.

6. Wrap the Self-adhesive pvc film around the spine of the book and cover the other side. With the first side secure, continue working around the book. Press the Self-adhesive pvc film down around the book spine and be careful to work out all the air bubbles. Then, continue onto the other side. When you reach the end of the book, peel the excess backing paper off completely. Remember to keep working with your hand to squeeze out any air bubbles that get trapped.
7. Cut the corners off the Self-adhesive paper on the other side. Use the same technique you did on the first side. Cut diagonally along the Self-adhesive pvc film at the book corners, taking care not to cut the cover. Then cut straight down towards the cover on the wrapping near the book spine. Just snip off the remaining Self-adhesive paper around the book spine.
8. Press the remaining Self-adhesive pvc film  flaps underneath the book cover. Finish the job by tucking the last bit of Self-adhesive paper under the book cover. Fold the piece near the block text first. Then fold the 2 flaps. Press all the flaps down to work out any air bubbles.