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Introduction to paper clay
2020-07-03 17:38
The characteristics of paper clay
1.Our product paper clay have  various colors, non-toxic, non-sticky, good softness and strong plasticity.

2. After the work is dried and finalized, color can be applied (watercolor or advertising color can be applied). Watercolor, oil color, acrylic paint, nail polish and other colors can be used, with high tolerance.After the color is dry, apply varnish again, can be long - term preservation.

3. High degree of combination with other materials, no matter it is paper, glass, metal, lace, bead piece, it has excellent degree of closeness.

4. Because paper clay is naturally air-dried in the air, so as long as the paper clay does not contact with the air, is not dry.

5. The drying rate depends on the size of the work. The smaller the work, the faster the drying rate, and the larger the work, the slower.6. Because paper clay, especially ultra-light clay, can clearly reflect the lines pressed on the material, so many people apply it to the production of hand footprints, such as wedding couples' fingerprints, baby prints, so it is also called hand prints.

The use of paper clay
Handicraft material: suitable for dolls, dolls, brooches, hair ornaments, embossed wall ornaments, picture frames, imitation flowers, etc.

It is an excellent material for baby hand and foot prints as it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly and has no harm to the baby's skin.The best material for American Labor education: it can be used in art teaching in primary and secondary schools, and can be used in parent-child DIY activities.It is a handicraft for families, individuals, pottery bars and various entertainment venues to entertain themselves.