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How to choose cellophane paper correctly
2019-03-19 16:42
Nowadays, cellophane paper is widely used in medicine and daily office and electronics industries, especially for the outer packaging of these products. The requirements for cellophane paper are more strict, and it is rare to meet the professional packaging of cellophane paper. It takes a rigorous and careful selection to find qualified paper. Since there are many such papers on the market, if you want to choose Grassine paper correctly, you need to choose from these three aspects:
First, choose a good transparency
Generally, the top-of-the-line cellophane paper has a very good transparency. It can meet the high demand of automatic light-sensitive labels. It is different from our commonly used cellophane. There are strict requirements on transparency. Everyone must look for light when purchasing. Strong, good transparency, so that the top grade used for labeling or packaging can make the whole product look more beautiful;
Second, choose a brand
Because there are many productions of Grassine paper, everyone produces a variety of papers, but ignores the quality control. Generally, when the brand's cellophane paper is produced, every procedure is strictly examined by the inspection department. Passed, the requirements for paper are very high, so everyone should choose a brand when choosing, in order to guarantee the quality of the paper;

Third, choose to work fine
In the process of producing cellophane paper, there are many manufacturers who are rude in pursuit of production volume, so that the production process of cellophane paper can not be guaranteed, thus affecting its later use and aesthetics, so that if If the product chooses this kind of packaging, then it will greatly reduce the product, so everyone must choose to work fine;
I hope that the above 3 points can help more people to improve the method and skills of choosing cellophane paper. You can use the above 3 points as a reference. If you want to buy it, you are advised to go online to find out how to buy affordable cellophane paper. Some of the methods, so that it is convenient to purchase more opinions in the subsequent purchases, in order to find the appropriate cellophane paper. If you have interest in any color paper, you can contact us Hnarts.