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The characteristics and application of glazed paper?
2019-03-29 12:18
Glazed paper coated with wax and then rubbed with flint to produce glossy paper. Have a very high gloss. Better appearance (no holes, no spots, no big dust). High tensile strength and tear strength.
Glazed paper is a kind of packing color paper with high price, the packaging performance of the paper is excellent, the cost performance is high; it is very exquisite in packing most of the goods. It can make you see what is hidden behind it, and it won't make the image appear too clear, so it can create a very hazy feeling for us, and the wax paper is widely used in many packaging industries.

Color glazed paper, also known as color glazed paper, is a translucent paper, mainly used in printing, packaging, food packaging, crafts and other industries. Variety of roll glazed paper, this white wax paper, bleached glazed paper and color glazed paper. The colors are red, coffee, yellow, blue, black, etc. Can be cut according to the requirements. Can print a variety of enterprise logo, patterns, trademarks.