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Celestial Clay Mobile
2020-08-14 09:17
Celestial Clay Mobile
Tools need
Super light clay
Wooden sticks
Tempera or poster paint
Paint brush
Glue gun
1. Prepare two colored wooden sticks.
    Prepare a pair of wooden sticks for your mobile's frame. 
2. Join the sticks together.
   Arrange the sticks perpendicular to each other, forming a cross. Glue them at the joint with a glue gun.
3. Make a handle.
   Tie a string around the joint and make a loop to create a handle.
4. Make chenille links.
   Make the links for each clay sculpture by cutting chenille into 2-inch long pieces and looping them on one end.

5. Form clay into celestial bodies.
    Shape super light clay into celestial bodies like the sun, moon, stars and planets. 
    Create a face-make a happy face on your sun and moon.
    Add glitter-make twinkling stars by applying glitter glue on the stars. You can also brush on some white glue on the star and then sprinkle over with glitter.

    Connect the clay sculptures-link 2 or more objects with short pieces of pipe cleaner or craft wire.
    Create an earth-make planets by rolling clay into balls. Create an Earth by making a ball of blue clay. Add patches of green to make the continents.
    Make a swirly planet-combine two or more colors before shaping them into a swirly planet like Jupiter. 
    Craft a ringed planet-make a ring around a ball of clay to create a ringed planet like Saturn.
6. Place the links.
    Each time you finish a clay sculpture, insert a chenille link at the topmost portion of the object. Push the chenille gently into the clay until only the small loop shows.
    This step must be done while the clay is still soft.

7. Cut strings.
    Cut 12 to 15-inch long strings. Attach a string to each celestial sculpture through its chenille link.
8. Connect the strings to the frame.
    Hang the frame so that it is in a level position. To balance the mobile, vary the string's length or its position along the frame.
    You can balance two light objects on one end and a heavy one on the other end. Tie the strings loosely so it's easy to make adjustments.
9. Hang the mobile.
    Once everything's balanced, fix the strings in place by tying knots on the frame. Cut the excess length of string after the knots.
    Hang the mobile where it can move and revolve freely. The clay sculptures will set completely in a day or two.