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Usage of crayons
2020-01-30 19:31
Crayon painting can also be directly used for artistic modeling by freely mastering the thick and thin strokes to produce a highly generalized artistic image with a special naive aesthetic feeling. Of course, there are many similar methods. Next, we will introduce some methods we summarized and explored in our research in combination with ordinary paintings:
1. Flat edge drawing method:
First of all, flat color, and then take a darker similar color to outline the edge of the content. In this way, the color has ups and downs, not monotonous.
2. Polychromatic connection
You can select multiple colors in the same area, and paint them separately to connect them. The combination of multiple colors can make the screen colorful and suitable for the use of children in the lower grades.
3. Color connection
Take two, three or four similar colors (warm or cold). First paint a darker circle of color on the periphery, then use a lighter crayon in turn to cover about half of the original darker color for painting. In this way, you can make the color gradient uniform, from deep to light or have a certain sense of three-dimensional.
4. Strong contrast method
Contrast painting with strong contrast color, improve visual impact and enhance the effect of the picture.
5. Stippling and line drawing
This method is relatively simple, mainly used in the background or a part of the decoration. By using crayons of one or more colors, dots or lines to decorate the picture, unexpected picture effects can be achieved.
6. Thin drawing
It needs some basic skills to use this method. When painting, the little boy's hair should make full use of the paper's white. When using black, it should be from deep to light, leaving a little white slowly. In this way, the hair is very realistic.
7. Scraping
Fill the whole paper with bright crayons, and then cover it with a layer of black or dark color. And then there's a scraper or a hard one
The image is made by scraping. There is another effect.
8. Crayon water powder combination method
Crayons do not melt in water. You can highlight the effect of the picture by using the method of crayon painting and gouache coloring.
Crayon is an ideal tool for children to learn color. In fact, there are many ways of crayon painting, such as painting on different colors of paper will have different effects.