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The main application range of kraft paper
2019-04-08 16:31
The raw materials of kraft paper are different, the production batch is different, the production season is different, the machine of the production machine is different, and so on. Many reasons will affect the color of the kraft paper base paper. This color is not difficult to avoid, and it cannot be controlled. Generally, the same batch of kraft paper can guarantee 98% color consistency.
The specifications of the flat paper vary depending on the machine. A typical reel slitter can be cut to a minimum of 460mm and can be cut to a maximum of 1460mm. Then you can cut out any size you want with a flat cutting machine. Common printing specifications are: positive 787 * 1092mm, generous 889 * 1194mm.
Kraft paper is mainly used in various industries such as chemical industry and machinery, especially in the food packaging industry.

Kraft paper use: Kraft paper is widely used in all kinds of packaging supplies, paper bags, handbags kraft paper, color boxes, gift boxes kraft paper, printed kraft paper, printing kraft paper, notebook kraft paper, work paper kraft paper, envelope special kraft paper.
The packaging of food should be based on the principle of convenience and portability. The kraft paper stretch resistance makes it ideal for packaging. In order to prevent the consumer from pulling off the bag when the food is taken out, the packaging material requires good tensile strength. Beverage packaging requires that the material has a certain resistance to moisture and deformation, preventing damage and damage.
For the packaging of frozen foods, the use of high-strength materials as packaging is also the key consideration. This material must withstand the thermal expansion and contraction during low temperature freezing and high temperature melting to prevent deformation, distortion, wrinkling and excessive moisture absorption. The situation of loading food. From these perspectives, primary color kraft paper is even more suitable than SBS paper. Hnarts are the top color paper supplier in China. In addition to kraft paper, we also provide a variety of crepe paper, tissue paper, corrugated paper, color origami paper and so on.