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New trends for FSC tissue paper in 2019
2019-03-22 16:12
When over-packaging became a street mouse and everyone shouted, FSC colored tissue paper printing and packaging entered people's attention. As the most original packaging product, paper packaging has the advantage of green environmental protection. Its metal and wood products have been used once. There are very few reusable, recycling costs are not as good as waste paper.
At present, the concept of “zero packaging”, “simplified packaging” and “green packaging” will be advocated by the state, and green packaging will become a hot spot in the whole packaging paper industry.
FSC tissue paper sheets is a kind of paper that is thin and soft, and some have a certain transparency. It can be shiny or dull. Generally, it is rough on one side.

FSC tissue paper starts from raw materials and is used for packaging, printing, manufacturing and recycling of products. Every link must be sourced, efficient and harmless.
In 2019, FSC tissue paper packaging is a high-tech green form packaging. Therefore, FSC tissue paper packaging will be one of the environmentally friendly packaging products that meet the needs of today's market.