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The usage of crepe paper
2019-02-02 10:13
Crepe paper, also known as Wrinkled paper, refers to a kind of processing paper with wrinkles on paper, which can be divided into three types: daily life, packaging, and decorative crepe paper. Crepe paper for daily use such as napkins, hygienic wrinkles, and paper with soft and good water absorption is used as the base paper. The crepe paper for packaging is tough and flexible, and is used for packaging flexible products such as wool and wool products to prevent the paper from being broken due to the large stretchability of the package, and it used hard wrapping paper as the base paper Decorative crepe paper, such as various colored tissue paper, for festive decoration and tying paper flowers, using tissue paper as the base paper. The base paper that is wet (or not completely dried) is usually scraped off with a spatula on the dryer, or mechanically pressed out of wrinkles and then dried.

The original "handcuff paper" refers to the paper with natural pleated texture by hand, such as the "South Korean handkerchief paper" that we commonly use. It is really a piece of paper made by hand, and the texture is hand-made. The texture of the paper, texture and color are very special, but the handkerchief paper that is often said now refers to a very common type of wrapping paper on the market, which is the kind of colored, fine-grained square paper commonly used in flower shops. It is the texture of the hand-pressed machine, because it is cheap and has many colors, so it is very suitable for packaging and origami. Some people use it to make paper flowers, but the effect is far less than paper rattan.
There are a lot of papers called crepe paper. For example, the kind of colored paper that we used to spend time on red safflower, the texture paper is a bit like toilet paper, also called crepe paper. Some people also call crepe paper and paper vines called crepe paper. Because they all have wrinkles.
Nowadays, the use of crepe paper is extensive, and when making various patterns, crepe paper has become one of the primary choices for art lovers.