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Paper stationery prices rise slightly in school season
2019-02-04 08:31
September 1, some cultural paper enterprises across the country set off a new round of price adjustment tide. In fact, in the 10 days from Aug. 22 to Aug. 31, nearly 30 paper mills have issued price increases of 200-300 yuan per tonne.
By this effect, the terminal paper type stationery has been adjusted. Compared with the first half of the year, the paper, notebook and other paper-like products have risen by 10% and 20%.
The reporter learned in the survey, the main factor of the price rise of finished paper is the rise in raw material prices, exchange rate changes. Interviewees believe that in the short term, as the market enters the peak season, the supply and demand relationship changes, coupled with the further tightening of foreign waste imports, wood pulp tariffs, resulting in paper companies to raise the price of paper.
In the investigation, the reporter found that compared with the first half of the year, stationery prices slightly increased, exercise books, notebooks and other paper stationery supplies have increased.
To the common people, this paper price increase influence is not very big. "living paper is the one that has a greater relationship with the common people, but the increase in life paper is not very large. Although students have also raised their prices with this book, the amount used is not very large. After the price increases, they spend at most a few dozen more yuan a year, which is within the limits that the public can afford. " Zhang Jian analysis and thinks.
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