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Iridescent glitter paper-perfect for wedding ceremony
2019-02-01 11:51
Every bride hopes to have a perfect and unforgettable wedding ceremony. We are here to provide you some splendid idea, in order to light up your mind. 
No one can resist looking at shiny and sparkling objects. Bring this attention to your wedding project with the help of iridescent glitter items. 
Iridescent glitter papers are designed to create gentle glitter. It is not too shine to draw the attention from bride and groom, not too gloomy to reduce the happy mood of visitors.
For an example, iridescent glitter paper envelop and invitation card. Add a small piece of iridescent glitter paper inside, the guests will found there is always surprise and taste provide by new couples 

Or, a clear organza ribbon and an iridescent glitter paper bag can make up a perfect wedding gift bag as below. The bride and groom can choose their favorite colors, such as warm pink, elegant purple, forest green. Of course, every wedding ceremony needs something in blue. Then we recommend sky blue.
There is an array of fabulous colors in the market, you can easily find every color same as your imaginations.
Iridescent glitter papers will fascinate you for hours. These papers sparkle, shimmer and change color as the light shifts. Perfect for any festive project where color needs to pop or glitter in the light. 
Pictures do not do these iridescent glitter papers justice. You must see them to believe.