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The relationship between Paper and Environmental Protection
2019-02-08 09:26
A ton of waste paper can produce 850kg of recycled paper of good quality, saving 3 cubic meters of wood, saving water 100 cubic meters, saving 300kg of chemical raw materials, saving 12000 tons of coal and saving electricity of 600 degrees. According to the production of twenty thousand tons of recycled paper for office use in Beijing No.7 Paper Plant, it can save 66000 cubic meters of wood a year, which is equivalent to protecting 520000 big trees, or increasing 5200 mu of forest. In the whole society is calling for environmental protection today, if these paper all use recycled paper, it will save 10.5 million cubic meters of wood, a whole lot of forest!

The environmental pollution caused by recycled paper pulping is much lower than that of general paper. Paper industry is one of the most polluted industries in China because of its large amount of waste water and wide distribution. It takes 100 to 400 tons of water to produce 1 ton of pulp, most of which is discharged. Paper-making wastewater contains a lot of carbohydrates, proteins, oils and lignin. These substances are easy to decompose under the action of microbes and consume a large amount of oxygen in the process of decomposition which reduces the oxygen content in water and affects the growth of fish and other aquatic organisms. And recycled paper in the manufacturing process It can reduce the amount of wastewater discharge by 50%, especially it can save several processes in the early stage of papermaking, and will not produce the most serious pollution of black liquor, which can be greatly reduced.
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