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What are the paper toys?
2019-02-11 16:29
At present, with the rapid development of China's economy, the toy market has also developed very well. There are a variety of toys, such as metal toys, paper toys, plastic toys and so on. So do you know what paper toys are all about? The following is a detailed introduction of hnarts Xiaobian:
1. Paper puzzle toy. At present, paper puzzles are developing rapidly and are a broad type of toy market. Consumers can buy jigsaw puzzles anywhere. Jigsaw puzzles are used not only for education and entertainment, but also for commercial advertising and political propaganda. The First World War (1914-1918) was a good example. On cheap jigsaw puzzles, brave warriors desperately fight for the king and the country, and the puzzles are popular on both sides of the battle. Puzzles have become a way of approaching people's inner world, entering the home, and spreading information.
Jigsaws, like newspapers, radio and first-generation television, have become a simple and direct way of mass communication. Every new invention and trend - steamboats, airplanes, cars have appeared in the jigsaw puzzle. In recent years, jigsaw puzzles have also been one of the favorite toys for children.

2, children's story books, children's story books are deeply loved by children. First, children's storytelling can exercise their ability to speak, which is very important in today's increasingly socialized society. Second, children can evoke many emotions by telling stories, such as kindness, compassion, and so on. Third, children's storytelling can cultivate their open personality. Through this personality, they can open their hearts, strengthen communication with partners, and stay away from autism. In addition, children telling stories can expand their knowledge, let them know more and know more.
3. Paper-cutting, Chinese paper-cutting is a folk art. It uses scissors or carving knives to cut patterns on paper such as rice paper, origami colored paper or other color cardboard, decorating life or cooperating with other folk activities. In China, paper-cutting has a broad mass base and is integrated into the social life of people of all nationalities. It is an important part of various folk activities. The visual image and form of its inheritance contains rich cultural and historical information, expressing the social identity, moral concepts, practical experience, ideals of life and aesthetic taste of the general public. It has many social values ??such as cognition, education, ideological expression, lyricism, entertainment, and communication. Nowadays, in many kindergartens, paper-cutting is regarded as a course for children. Many parents are willing to learn more about paper-cutting and can carry forward Chinese traditional culture.