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Comparison between recycled paper and ordinary paper
2019-02-07 11:27
Physical Composition Comparison
In 1995, they raised the recycled paper standard to 25% of recycled fibers, which was raised to 30% in 1999. A US research unit found that the strength of paper decreased as the number of recycled fibers in paper increased, but when the amount of recycled fibers exceeded 40, the strength of paper increased.
Price comparison 
According to the survey, the price of a two-line stationery is 2 yuan, the price of recycled paper is 1.50 yuan, and the price of other books is 10% to 40% lower. Cheap is a characteristic of recycled paper. Because of the high technology content, the cost of recycled paper is higher than that of log pulp paper. In fact, the price per case is 35 yuan lower than that of log pulp paper. The main reason is to let everyone know and accept this new thing as quickly as possible. I think this embarrassment will soon be resolved. After all, the survival of the enterprise is basically a benefit, if it is always to change people on recycled paper Knowing and selling at a low price can only lead to the closure of the enterprise.
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