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The origin of corrugated cardboard
2019-02-19 10:22
Regarding the origin of corrugated boxes, I believe many people are not familiar with it, including some professionals, because its invention is related to hats.
More than 130 years ago, British brothers Edward Healey and Edward Allen invented corrugated paper as a lining for hats to absorb sweat. In 1858, the United Kingdom obtained the first patent for corrugated paper.
In 1871, Albert Jones of the United States obtained a patent for the packaging of glass bottles using single-faced corrugated paper. At that time, a single corrugated paper was used, and it was not until the end of the 19th century that the United States began to study the use of corrugated boxes for transportation. In 1914, Japan began to produce cartons. In 1920, double corrugated cardboard went to market and its use expanded rapidly.

During the First World War, wooden boxes accounted for 80% of transportation packaging, while cardboard boxes accounted for only 20%. During the Second World War, cartons accounted for 80% of shipping containers. Corrugated boxes started late in China and became popular in 1954.
As a transport package, corrugated boxes are economical, lightweight, easy to stack and easy to handle. It is a high performance, low cost shipping container. It is also one of the most important forms of packaging used in countries around the world.
In addition to corrugated boxes, color corrugated paper is also the main source of handicraft paper. Because of the thickness of the corrugated paper, the crafts made are more firm and bulky when the paper is origami. You can make a lot of things that ordinary origami can't do. Such handicrafts are more three-dimensional and realistic. Therefore, corrugated paper is very popular among handicraft lovers.