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The use of sticky note
2019-02-20 16:20
The rapid development of the country, such as tourism, financial industry, and handcraft are developing vigorously. And the warm and lovely sticky notes is a member of handcraft industry. They are various in category, different in shape and use in many places. 
Now let editor from Hone Arts introduce you more.
The first one is used as origami paper. Since the sticky notes are square, small, cute, then they can be a good gift to your lover and your friends, for a example, a thousand hand made paper cranes, a bottle of stars, hearts, boats and so on.
Second, you can make some small notes, such a good new words, splendid ideas, even you can draw a smile face when you are upset. It is easy to carry, and can write quickly. So say, don't bring books, use sticky notes!

Third, use memo pad paper for learning. Every child has to go to school. Those who want to learn well can use the sticky notes. They can make note and stick onto right pages, easy to remove and no need to messy books. You can also write down pre-class study on it to make your class happier and happier.
Warmly Reminder:
Sticky notes is not expensive stationery, but please don't waste it. After all, it is made of wood. The formation of a tree is not easy.
Please do not litter after use, and contribute to the protection of the environment!