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Raw materials for corrugated cardboard
2019-02-18 15:10
The raw materials of color paper are generally pulp. The main materials are wood and wood chips. The manufacturing methods are as follows: chemical pulp, pulp, semi-chemical pulp, mechanical pulp.
1. Chemical pulp
Chemical pulp is made from chemicals in the process of making pulp. Of course, the difference between medicine and manufacturing method is different.
(1) Kraft pulp
Kraft pulp is a chemically produced pulp. Since the paper made from the pulp made from Glauber's salt is very strong, this paper is generally called kraft paper.
(2) Semi-chemical pulp
Semi-chemical pulp, chemically treated pulp, first remove the toxins from the wood, then break the wood and grind it into pulp. In the manufacturing method, the chemical is half of the machinery. Semi-chemical pulp has a higher purity and strength than wood pulp, ie mechanically treated pulp, and yields are higher than chemically made chemical pulp.

2, Waste paper pulp
As the name suggests, pulp made from waste paper is placed in a blender and twisted back and forth to break the fibers that have coalesced into a porridge.
The waste paper pulp used for the topping of the corrugated board is mainly kraft paper and corrugated paper, and the like, so the strength is high.