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Super simple children hand crepe paper art flower making
2018-11-29 14:50
It's nice to use crepe paper to decorate the classroom at Christmas!
It's not unfamiliar for those who like to make it by hand to use crepe paper to make beautiful flowers. But we're going to share some more interesting and simpler handmade tutorials of crepe paper flowers with you. This is a manual graphic tutorial of beautiful three-dimensional flowers made of crepe paper. The characteristics of the crepe paper itself can be made full use of, thus shaping the structure and making the three-dimensional effect of the flowers fullydisplayed.
Step one: Cut the colored crepe paper into strips, wrap the half of the foam ball. 
Step two: Twist the two sides like wrapping candy. 
Step three: Prepared five crepe paper petals, add some ruffled paper stamers in th middle, then a beautiful five petals crepe paper craft flower appeared.
Learning how to make the best use of materials to get the results you want! Especially some students for manual paper art flowers the pursuit of constantly improve, so have mastered some basic crepe paper manual method of making paper flowers, can help us to further improve their production ability and creativity, make own hand of crepe paper seemed like magic, finally presents the oneself want handmade effect!
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