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Handmade Origami Tutorial of Noble Rose
2018-12-04 14:17
It is a simple practice of noble rose!
Tools and materials to prepare for noble rose origami:
Some pink crepe paper, some green crepe paper, dried flowers of different thickness, several wires, one scissors, one bottle of milk white glue, some QQ lines
Illustration steps of noble rose origami:
step 1
Cut pink crepe paper into such ,a total of ten pieces
Step 2:
Roll up the prepared petals with coarse dried flowers
Step 3:
Open the rolled petals and pull on the opposite side. Make the petal have a protruding part. Remember not to use too much force.
Step 4:
After all is done, it is like this.
Step 5:
Roll the petals on the dried flowers and wrap them tightly with the QQ line.
Step 6:
In this way, the petals are rolled on the dried flowers.
Step 7:
It's all like this.
Step 8
Use green crepe paper, cut into a flower bud, look like this in the picture.
Step 9:
Glue the double sided tape on the green crepe paper and cut it together
Step 10:
Stick the good flowerbed to the perfect rose
Step 11:
Wrap the previously prepared green crepe paper on the dried flower
Step 12:
This is the case after doing it. Of course, you can also add leaves while wrap the flowers.
After doing this is like this.
Keep in mind that the petals are easy to fall off at the beginning. Be careful.