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How To Used Metallic Cardboard Make Flowers To Decorate Your Table
2018-11-27 16:48
Most of our centerpieces start with a base either square or round. This makes an ideal platform to add sticks, picks, columns, etc., to support your theme pieces. However, if you present the product as such, it would be unappealing and not look professional. You should camouflage your work which will add color and excitement to the finished product as well. The best way we have found to do that is by adding "Flowers" or "Tufts".
This is a variation of the paper flowers we made in high school to cover the wire mesh used to make homecoming floats. However, instead of using mesh attached to wood as a base, It is used to give it more rigidity and help support additional weight. Plus it is much lighter than wood and mesh.
Flowers/Tufts are generally made from squares of metallic paper or tissue paper. I prefer metallic paper since it reflects light and comes in deeper tones that tissue paper. However, tissue paper has some applications, especially when particular colors are not available in metallic.
I usually use two pieces of metallic paper (each around eight inches, square) for each poof/tuft, although you can work with three or more. The sheets can be purchased ready cut, in nine inch squares, or you can buy sheets of metallic paper and cut to approximate size. You really do not have to be precisely in your size, although your cutting edges should be straight.

When using two sheets, place the first one down on a flat work surface or table with the straight edge of the paper horizontal. The second sheet is placed on top of the first with the corner of the paper pointing up, thus making an eight pointed star figure. (When working with three sheets, the third sheet's corner would go between the corners of the other two papers.)
Have your method of attachment ready before you take the next step. These can be pins, paper clips, wood picks or metal picks. With the later, you will need a professional type machine, readily used to attach flowers to a centerpiece. These come in hand held or table top models.
1. Put the stacked metallic cardboard sheet in one hand, find the middle of the papers with your pointing finger.
2. Fold the metallic craft cardboard up to circle the pointing finger.
3. Remove your finger and grasp the point made with your finger.
4. Attach your chosen device to the end.
Open the layers of metallic paper to form an attractive enhancement to your work and attach to the support base. You can add items, if you wish, such as onion grass, ting, or sprays to the poof to make it more dramatic.