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Is EVA material toxic?
2019-02-15 15:22
Although many companies currently have a large demand for EVA materials, in fact many people do not understand what EVA materials are, and many people will ask if EVA materials are toxic when purchasing EVA mats. First, I want to tell you. The main material of the EVA mat is EVA and pigment (color masterbatch). It is mainly made by foaming of EVA plastic pellets, and then the mat is manufactured.
EVA material itself is non-toxic and non-toxic, so don't worry about it.

As for the question of whether EVA has odor, maybe you can smell the EVA slippers of your home. It is also a similar EVA product that has just been released. Do you think it has a taste?
At present, many domestic enterprises do not formally produce EVA materials. When they produce EVA mats, they add recycled materials. Therefore, the main components have changed. It is no longer a simple EVA. It also adds a lot of other materials. Plastics, such as PVC, in such cases, the EVA mats we buy will be able to produce odor, which is not conducive to children's growth.
If we want to buy a floor foam mat, we must buy a regular brand in a regular big shopping mall (although there is almost no domestic one). If you find that the product contains odor when you buy it, even if the sales repeatedly guarantee you how to guarantee the quality of your product. Don't believe, be vigilant, and learn more about relevant knowledge before you buy something, so as to avoid being cheated and buying bad quality products.