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Practice of Hand-made Color Felt Apple Coasters
2018-12-20 11:21
Manual diagram on hand-made apple coaster of color felt, with its crisp flesh and full fruit. This is our hand-stitched apple coaster of color felt! After reading this article, you can use your imagination to sew other more distinctive coasters, such as a yellow-orange apple coaster, a turquoise apple coaster, or a bite of an apple coaster (the famous Apple phone logo). 
Coaster Sewing material: red, white, green and dark brown felt, is cut according to the shape shown above. 2 pieces of pericarp, 1 piece of pulp, 1 piece of leaf, 4 pieces of fruit grain and 1 piece of stem are cut. Red, white and dark brown embroidered threads are also required.

Coaster sewing steps:
1)White felt is placed in the center of a piece of red color felt sheet, beaded needle is fixed. 
2) stitch a circle with a white stitch, as shown in figure.
3)four fruit grains were placed on white felt, fixed with bead needle, then fixed with dark brown embroidered thread.
4)leaves and stems were placed on another piece of red felt.
5)place the completion body of step 3 above the completion body of step 4, align the edges, as shown, fix it with a bead needle. 
6)Sew around with red embroidered thread and trim corners neatly.

This makes a beautiful apple coaster. We hnarts have a variety of felt, including color felt, glitter felt, printed felt, embossed felt, Non-woven felt. All of these can be used to do manual work. If you have felt requirements, please visit our website to find.