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Christmas tree origami steps
2018-12-24 11:30
It's Christmas soon. We make a Christmas tree with origami paper by hand. Does it make a difference? The tools and materials for Christmas tree origami are very simple, just a little patience. We need four green and one brown DIY color paper, a few clips, and then a pair of scissors.
The size of four green square paper is 20 cm, 15 cm, 10 cm, 7 cm.
A 20cm brown square paper
Christmas tree origami step 1: cut hexagon
1. Take a green square paper
2. Upper and lower fold
3. Left and right fold, open, left edge fold in half
4. A fold of creases up in the lower right corner.
5. Continue folding
6. Cut along a straight line
7. Spread out
8. Every side is folded in half.
Christmas tree origami step 2: fold hexagon
1. Fold in half
2. Fold along the middle line, fold the middle part, don't fold it all
3. Same as the rest.
4. Fold along the midpoint line of the previous crease
5. The rest of the side is the same
6. Fold in half
7. Lower left corner up
8. Down fold
9. The rest of the side is the same, open
Tree origami step 3: fold out the branches of the Christmas tree
1. Fold both sides along the center line, do not fold
2. The other corners are the same.
3. Like figure, dashed line valley fold, solid line peak fold:
4. The other corners are the same.
5. Creases inward
6. Fold as shown
7. Two angles close together
8. From the outside, that's it.
9. This is a 19 step crease.
10. The other sides are the same. One is folded.
Christmas tree origami step 4: tree branches of different sizes fold 3 more
Christmas tree origami step 5: fold the tree roots
1. Take brown paper
2. Repeat the previous steps and cut out the hexagon
3. Picture folding
4. Flattening
5. Left and right centerline fold
6. Fold to the left on the right
7. If the diagram folds, the rest of the corner is the same
Christmas tree origami step 6: combine the Christmas tree
Put the tree branches on top of the tree roots in order from big to small, so that a beautiful Christmas tree is made.