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Simple and beautiful love envelope origami tutorial
2018-12-14 16:44
Do you have the behavior of a love letter to a person you like? Now that technology is more and more developed, text messages, emails, and telephones can all express such meanings. However, the traditional love letters will be completely different. Today, I'm going to fold a love envelope with your handmade origami and put the love letter in this handmade craft, when the people saw we so carefully, then the chances of success will improve a lot.
DIY needs to prepare the materials and tools: a square red colored paper.
The steps are as follows:
1. Fold the square red origami colored paper diagonally, then expand.
2. Find the octant according to the folding method.

3. Fold a corner of the paper down and align the dotted line.
4. Fold the paper red line and fold it again.

5. Spread the paper two folds in half, the effect is as follows.

6. Flip the work and fold the lower corner upwards.
7. In turn, the bottom two corners are folded in half.

8. Fold the upper part inward after folding.

9. Then fold the left and right small corners of the lower part of the origami model at this time.
10. Fold up.
Haha, a simple and beautiful envelope appears, have you sent it out?
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