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Monkey origami illustration tutorial
2019-02-28 17:33
The making of origami monkey in the paper art net origami is just to share a folding course of origami monkey face structure. However, the production of this origami monkey, which was shared with you today in the Children's Paper Encyclopedia, is more creative. This is a complete origami monkey production course, oh, although it is the production of children's origami. But we can still feel the uniqueness of this origami design, where simple details can quickly show a cute little monkey. A child origami with such a creative feeling can bring a lot of happiness to the children. A children's origami monkey production tutorials and began to try to make it.

Here's an origami tutorial for children's origami monkeys:
1.Fold the square paper right and left in half, leaving a middle crease after it is unfolded. 
2.Then fold the left and right sides of the corner toward the middle crease. 
3.Then the bottom corner structure of the origami model is folded backward.
4.Then fold the origami model to the left and right.
5.Rotate origami model clockwise. 
6.The upper triangle of the origami model is then opened to the left according to the white build-up. 
7.Then fold the top down. 
8.At this time, the right quadrilateral structure of the top angle for a continuous compression. 
9.Then turn the bottom corner back. 
10. A simple child origami monkey The son finished folding.
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