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Knowledge points of color paper
2019-03-01 15:31
The color paper is divided into two types: color paper and bleach paper. Color paper generally extracts pure natural plant fibers such as bamboo pulp, sugar cane pulp and straw pulp, and is directly prepared from papermaking processes such as cooking and rinsing, and does not contain any chemical additives.

Unbleached puree paper is generally yellowish brown. Ordinary paper, generally added whitening agent, the higher the whiteness, the higher the chemical composition, if used in daily life, the greater the harm to the human body.
Different papermaking processes
The color paper uses biotechnology to replace the traditional pulping process. No harmful additives such as bleaching agents and fluorescent whitening agents are added in the production process, and the secondary damage caused by bleaching to the paper products is completely eliminated from the root.
How to identify color paper and other paper
Immerse the colour paper in water and extract it. It will be found that the original pulp paper will not be broken. It is very flexible.