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Corrugated paper to make a petal clock
2019-02-27 16:03
Don't throw away cartons of corrugated paper. 
The got talent teaches you how to make a petal clock.
Useless cartons are usually sold to those who collect them, so you lose a chance to use corrugated paper to do manual work. Corrugated paper is light and resilient, is a good manual materials, we have introduced many before, such as color corrugated paper to do shoes, corrugated paper handmade lighting. Today we continue to demonstrate a simple corrugated hand-using corrugated paper as a clock.
Materials and tools required: clock components, bipod nails, 25 cm long corrugated paper, double sided glue, knife, cone, pencil, ruler, 16 cm diameter circular corrugated paper, 40x50 cm rectangular corrugated paper.

The step of making a clock from corrugated paper:
1. Take 25 cm square corrugated paper, draw the inner circle 10 cm in diameter, the outer circle 16 cm in diameter, and arrange the round hole of the clock hanging place.
2. Cut out the shape of the flower with a knife, cut off the inner circle, and cut out the small round hole in the hanging place.
3. Take the circular corrugated paper with a diameter of 16 cm, draw two vertical diameters to divide it into four equal parts, drill with the cone at the center of the circle, equal diameter about 1.5 cm from the edge, then insert the clock base from the center behind the cardboard.
4, the pin is inserted in front of 4 holes in diameter, then corrugated face is turned over, and the feet of the pin are pressed flat.
5. Take the rectangular corrugated paper of 40x50 centimeter, take any side, attach one double-sided glue on each side, and cut the gap between 3-5 cm in the range of double-sided glue with the knife, as shown in the figure.
6, remove the protective film of double-sided glue, cut the notch, along the diameter of 16 cm of circular corrugated edge fixed. The other side of corrugated paper is fixed to a circle 16 cm in diameter.
7. On the front of the clock, install the pointer.
8, the hand-feel very strong corrugated paper clock, no matter where to hang, have very strong creative sense.