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How to use Hnarts white foam board to create a box?
2019-01-31 15:26
The following tip tell you how to use Hnarts white foam board to create a box.
Step1. Prepare all the tools:one piece of white foam sheet,pencil,ruler,knife,clear tap
Step2. Simply print the follow template out and trace it on the foam board

Step3: Use pencil and ruler to draw the template on the foam board
Step4: You will have to cut out 4pieces from the 4 corners of the template,use the knife to cut them.
Step5: Cut the corner squares from the template as neatly as possible
Step6: Similarly cut out the other 3 squares from the corners
Step7: With the back side of the knife make half cuts along the folding lines to from the box
Step8: After making half cuts you can easily bend the foam board to the apposite direction along the half cuts.
Step9: Bond any 2 parts of the box and hold them adjustment to each other
Step10:Use clear tape to join the 2parts together. You can also use glue but clear tape works fine as well.
Step11:Similarly fold up the other parts and join them with other part next to them
Step12:With the help of the same technique you can make the lid of the box but make it slightly bigger than the box
Step13:Check if the lid fits the box nicely
Step14:You can decorate this box as you want. It's better to wrap the box with a base paper to ensure the folds and joints. Enjoy!