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How to make celery flower with crepe paper
2019-03-06 10:46
Material: Crepe paper 50% stretch in green, light blue and sky blue. 
Green wire, white latex, scissors, green tape, foam ball.

The ranunculus is also called celery flower, Persian buttercup. The flower shape is beautiful and unique, the layer of petals is like endless. Today, editor from Hone Arts will share the tutorial of making celery flower with crepe paper.

Firstly, prepare petals template. Draw three sizes of flower petals on white paper card and cut off. 
Secondly, prepare crepe paper petals. As below photo shows, darker color was cut out follow smallest petals, light color follow bigger template. 

Then, hold middle of crepe paper petal with your finger, and stretch it towards both sides. Repeat this step to prepare all light blue petals. Dark blue petals no need to stretch.

Thirdly, Paste dark blue petals onto foamy ball as below photo shows. 

Fourthly, paste on light blue petals outside of dark blue petals as below photo shows.

Then, paste on middle size petals as below photo shows 

After that, paste on big size petals, make sure the shape of flower is round and plump.

Now the flower is ready, we shift to branch and leaves. Insert the green wire from the bottom of flower into the foam ball and paste the flower buds- which made of green crepe paper. 

Leaves: Oval leaves with green iron wires in middle, and wrap the green tape to attach the leaves onto stem.

Now, a whole beautiful crepe paper celery flower is completed. Readers can try any other colored crepe paper you like. 
Note: To make petals, it would be better to choose 40%-60% stretch crepe paper, and pastel color would be more suitable for celery flower.