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What issues should we pay attention to purchase FSC paper in winter?
2019-03-07 15:19
The winter season is not very good for the paper industry,the weather is dry and the temperature is low.
In order to adapt to seasonal climate change,avoid unnecessary troubles and losses caused by changes in external environmental factors to the production plant of the gift box, thus affecting our cardboard raw material factory, the printing plant can comprehensively consider the physical properties of the base paper according to the actual use. Make reasonable adjustments to improve its usability, but there are some techniques to be aware of during the production process in order to improve product quality together.

1. The purchased FSC coloured cardboard should be stored indoors as much as possible, avoiding being stored outdoors; the product should be transported to the printing workshop 24 hours before printing, so that the temperature, humidity and paper of the printing workshop can be balanced, and the temperature of the workshop can be kept at 15- At 20 ° C, the humidity can be maintained at 50-60%.
2. Due to the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor in winter, the weather is dry, and the paper moisture is easily lost, resulting in warping. Therefore, when opening the paper package, shorten the exposure time as much as possible. After printing, it is wrapped with PE film to prevent deformation of the product.
3. During the printing, oiling and drying process of FSC paper, the water content of the base paper will be lost, and cracks will occur on the surface of the paper. You can increase the width of the pipeline and adjust the depth of the pipeline, or humidify the plant, such as spraying water around the color paper to increase the humidity in the air.
4. In the winter, when the temperature is lowered and the viscosity of the ink is increased, problems such as poor inking and printing foaming are easily caused, and additives such as ink additives may be added to improve applicability.