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The difference between Wood Pulp Paper and Bamboo Pulp Paper
2019-03-05 14:46
With the Chinese waistline wider, more and more gyms, more and more people buy green organic, but people tend to get lost in the habit, ignoring the most common companion around the point-toilet paper!
Wood pulp paper abdicated, bamboo pulp paper on the throne. This must be the direction of healthy living in the future.
Many friends do not understand why simple toilet paper, in order to get involved in health problems?
1.Feed sources are healthier
First of all, "log pulp paper" generally refers to high-quality wood as raw materials, through beating, cooking and other processes made of paper, paper delicate, soft, smooth surface, good toughness. The paper towels made of inferior base paper are rough, loose, porous, and poor expansion intensity, resulting in paper scraps and paper hair left at the wiping place, affecting the use of paper. In addition, the color of tissue made of inferior base paper is not white enough, which often results in excessive use of fluorescent brightener.
2. High social value
The tree growth cycle is long, cutting, replanting, and non-renewable, cutting down 8000000 trees a day, equivalent to 80 square kilometers of forest area. Bamboo growth cycle is short, renewable, with 1 ton 3 bamboo fiber tissue, the equivalent of 100 trees. For such a city surrounded by the rapid process of urban haze, the growth cycle is shorter bamboo more, so that the coverage of a wider green life, from small to do healthy self, from the big to achieve a healthy family!
3. Take care of human health
Now, you know the difference between Wood Pulp Paper and Bamboo Pulp Paper. If you want to order paper products,like color paperquilling paper, etc, pls contact us!