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The definition of recycled paper
2019-02-06 14:28
The definition of recycled paper is that recycled paper is produced by using waste paper as raw material, smashing it, discoloration and pulping, and then processed through various complex processes through high-tech means. 80% of its raw materials come from recycled waste paper, so it is known as low energy consumption, light pollution environmental protection paper. After recycling, the waste paper is divided into more than 60 categories. Different kinds of waste paper are used as raw materials to produce different recycled copy paper, recycled wrapping paper and so on. Generally, it can be divided into two categories: one is veneer paper, toilet paper and other low-level paper; the other is books, newspapers and magazines, copy paper, printing paper, postcards and exercises Paper for this purpose. At present, many countries have produced and used these two types of paper. Among them, the raw materials for the production of recycled photocopy paper are office paper, offset books and periodicals, and binding paper. The production process of which has to go through more than 10 processes, such as screening, dust removal, filtration, purification and so on. The craft is complex, the science and technology content is very high. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, recycled paper products will be more and more recognized and welcomed. Therefore, for paper manufacturers, recycled paper market is optimistic.

The whiter the paper, the stronger the light reflected under the fluorescent lamp, and the more harmful to human vision. According to the current international standard, the whiteness of paper should not be higher than 84 degrees, and the whiteness of recycled paper should be 84 to 86 degrees. The whiteness of log pulp paper can reach 95 degrees to 105 degrees. The 83-degree recycled paper is currently the most popular in the world because it protects the Earth and the eyeball.
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