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Which tissue can not be used by the baby?
2019-02-21 16:46
Tissue as a common use of life, and our daily life is closely linked, paper towels are used every day, life is essential for a sanitary cleaning products; Tissue is also generally one of the necessary items in the daily care of the baby, and it is also used more frequently. However, due to the tender skin of the baby, improper use of the tissue will affect the health of the baby, so, What paper towels can not be used by the baby, by the hnarts to introduce it to you.
First, use unsealed paper towels: usually, when they take their babies out, they always carry paper towels with them, but if the paper towels are opened and used, it is easy for bacteria to invade if they can't close them well. There is also paper towels stored in the bag for a long time, there will be other items contaminated, so it is recommended not to use this paper towel for the baby.
Second, use roll paper to wipe the baby mouth: although the roll paper and toilet paper are the same, both made from raw wood pulp, but also through strict disinfection treatment, but the hygiene standards of the two are different, if you use roll paper to wipe the baby mouth, Will allow the bacteria to invade the baby's body, so the health of the child is also affected, so it is recommended to use a special tissue to wipe the baby's mouth, care for the baby's health.

Third, use easy white tissue: usually, high-quality paper towel whiteness of 85- 90, there is no whitening agent added, normal color, look very natural. But some tissues look white, and it's possible to add a fluorescent brightener, which is a complex organic compound. If you use this tissue for a long time, it will do a lot of harm to your baby's health. So you should choose high-quality paper towels for use to avoid the health of the baby affected.
Our hnarts is a top manufacturer of handicraft paper in China. Although our crepe paper sheets can not be directly used by babies, we can use our colored tissue paper, fold all kinds of handicrafts, and develop our brains and practical ability when we grow up.