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What are the differences between Glassine paper release paper and ordinary release paper
2019-03-27 17:03
The application of release paper in modern society is very extensive, and it is not difficult to see in life or industrial production. In particular, the domestic professional Glassine paper release paper has brought a lot of convenience to people. Release papers are divided into many types, which can be divided into glassine paper release paper and ordinary release paper, depending on the difference of the bottom paper. According to different uses, the appropriate release paper can be selected accordingly. Hnarts is one of professional color paper suppliers and manufacturers in China, We talk about the differences between the two are as follows.

First, the original paper is different
Glassine paper release paper is a glass-printing paper made of high-quality glassine paper as a base paper and then subjected to a series of processing, including coating.
Ordinary release paper bottom paper is not so advanced, mainly adopting ordinary kraft paper, double-adhesive paper, coated paper, etc., as the base paper of release paper, and then processed by laminating silicone oil to make ordinary release paper.
Second, the color is different
Glassine paper release paper is generally fixed in white, blue, and yellow colors, and it seems that the color purity is relatively high, not so complicated. There are many kinds of common release papers, which are mainly determined according to the color of the base paper, and the color bases of different materials are different.
Third, the characteristics and uses are different
The quality of the release paper of Glassine paper is the best, it is easy to observe, the paper is very fine and uniform, the flatness is very good, the durability is not easy to break, the tensile toughness is high, the light transmission is strong, etc. This shows the advantages and advantages of Glassine paper release paper. Therefore, it can be used for a wide range of applications, such as food packaging, label base paper, high-grade self-adhesive backing paper, medical plaster base paper, etc., and has a considerable degree of application in different industries. Ordinary release paper has similar characteristics of moisture-proof, water-proof and oil-proof, but it is not durable and the price is relatively low.
The above is the difference between the Glassine paper release paper and the ordinary release paper. As long as you master this knowledge, the two are easy to distinguish. In addition, it can be distinguished from its weight, especially the release paper made by Glassine paper. This is very strict, so the weight of each color is fixed, so it is very well distinguished.