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Factors that affect the Printing Price of cartons
2019-03-28 16:09
Carton has become one of the main printing products in the current printing market. Different printing methods use different printing plates and different printing equipment, which also have an impact on the unit price of cartons, so the price problem is also concerned by many consumers. What are the factors that may affect the printing quality of cartons? Let's get to know each other today.
First, material quality: the printing price of cartons should be determined by the material used and the quality of printing ink. A lot of materials need to be used in the printing of cartons. The higher the quality of materials, the higher the cost of using them. The higher the natural price.

Second, printing crafts: different printing process complexity is different, the time required is also different, so printing technology will also affect the printing price of cartons.
Third, the number of cartons: because cartons can be printed in large quantities, so this can reduce the unit price of cartons, so customers can print a little more, more cost-effective.
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