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Reasons for black spots on corrugated cardboard and good solutions
2019-04-23 17:52
Under normal circumstances, the quality requirements for corrugated board are: the board should be flat, the size is accurate, and the surface should not have spots. If the surface of the corrugated board has spots, it will affect the printing color, and the color of the printing will cause chromatic aberration. Some electronic customers have strict requirements on the surface of the paper, and generally do not allow spots. So why are spots on the surface of the paper?

Interpretation of the phenomenon: spots appear on the surface of the original paper, generally due to the problem of the base paper, because the raw paper in the production process, the material of the clinker residue inside, the chemical operation through the heating process of the facial paper, the size of the small plastic particles melted Different black spots, in this case, there are more papers based on recycled paper.
Solution: Sampling the facial tissue against the preheating cylinder before use. After heating for two minutes, remove the viewing pattern. At this time, no spots can be used, and if necessary, replace the original paper. In addition, when choosing the base paper, don't try to be cheap, you should choose the brand base paper with good reputation.