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What are the advantages of PET film
2019-04-24 16:25
1 The body is transparent, reflecting the image of the product.
2 Tightly packed with good anti-scattering properties.
3 Rain, moisture, mildew.
4 No recovery, there is a certain anti-counterfeiting function.

Heat shrinkable polyester PET film is often used in the convenience food, beverage market, electronic appliances, metal products, especially shrinkage labels are its main application areas. Because with the rapid development of PET beverage bottles, beverage bottles such as cola, sprite, and various juices need PET heat shrinkable film to be used as a heat seal label. They are all polyester-based, environmentally friendly materials, and easy to recycle. use.
In addition to being used as a shrink label, heat-shrinkable polyester film has also been used in outer packaging for daily use products in recent years. Because it can protect the packaged goods from impact, rain, moisture, rust, and the product can win the user with a beautifully printed outer packaging, and it can show the good image of the manufacturer. At present, more and more packaging manufacturers use printed shrink film to replace traditional transparent film. Because the printing shrink film can improve the appearance of the product, which is conducive to the advertising of the product, the trademark brand can make a deep impression on the consumer.