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How to use the origami paper
2019-04-25 09:35
The types and colors of origami paper are very complete, not limited to monochrome or two-color. Origami works can choose to use the rich materials to make origami paper according to the things they need to express. Double-sided two-color origami paper can provide us with good performance raw materials for the creation of three-dimensional things. If the fabric is woven with fiber origami paper, the performance is the same as that of paper, and the texture on the texture is obviously different from the traditional paper, but it can often achieve a false effect. Foil origami paper, such as gold and silver, has the disadvantage of being wrinkled and difficult to fold, but it is because of its strong plasticity, coupled with the "light" reflection and refraction effect produced by the children, which is very popular among children.
So how do we use origami paper? Is there any way for us to learn from it?

1. The crease should be made very clearly. Use your fingertips to make a round trip back and forth at the fold.
2. Make sure that all the folds are as correct as possible. If the folds are wrong, the final pieces are often asymmetrical or awkward.
3. Don't try to make difficult origami paper production. It is easier to do something first, and there are not many steps.
4, With large paper, it is recommended that you start with A4 paper, cut into squares if necessary, and when you are skilled, you can use your favorite little beautiful paper.
5, You can use positive and negative paper of different colors, so that you can clearly confirm the inside and outside of the work.
6. Browse through all the tutorial steps before making origami paper, so you don't miss steps or confuse steps.
7, More practice! If you keep making the same mistakes, it doesn't matter, you can practice more. (You can practice with ordinary white paper, it is cheaper)
8. Enjoy the fun of it~ Take the origami paper as a friend, or make an origami paper work to give away. In this way, origami colored paper becomes a fun-filled preference.