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How to improve the shelf life of corrugated paper
2019-01-18 10:55
Corrugated paper has the advantages of low cost, light weight, easy processing, high strength, excellent printing adaptability, convenient storage and handling, etc. More than 80% of corrugated paper can be recycled and recycled. Corrugated paper can be used as packaging for food or digital products. used more widely.
Although color corrugated paper has many functions, its weight is very light, so customers often need to mention the order quantity very high before the supplier is willing to take the order, which also leads to the endless use of corrugated paper. Sometimes, These excessive corrugated papers are often dampened by improper protection, resulting in a large amount of waste of resources.
So how do we prevent these excess corrugated paper from getting wet?

1. After the corrugated paper is stacked, use the high-power exhaust fan to extract the moisture inside the corrugated paper. Take 30 seconds as the lower limit. This can be made by yourself. You can buy 9-12 exhaust fans and solder it yourself, but pay attention to the circuit breaker. The current is bigger;
2, The stacked corrugated paper is covered with plastic film, which can block moisture and is convenient for transportation. This kind can be stored for a long time, but it will increase some costs;
3. As mentioned above, it is really important to manage inventory in a reasonable manner. The customers I have seen are generally cardboard produced on the first day, and shipped the next day, usually rarely more than two days; then I added a light bulb to increase the temperature in the warehouse. I personally think that the effect is limited because the cardboard is soft because the humidity of the cardboard is less than the humidity of the warehouse, and the moisture will exist between the waves. The increase of temperature does not reduce the moisture. It is better to install a dehumidifying blower against the warehouse.
Hope these small methods can help you and avoid unnecessary waste of resources.