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Heart Strawberry Craft
2019-01-14 16:14
Valentines Craft for Kids ~ Heart Strawberry
Strawberries are a favorite for many peple.  The kids could eat them all day, especially during the peek of strawberry season.  And when the season is over, it's hard to eat fresh strawberries. But let's make a handmade strawberry. When we think about it, we can look at this handmade strawberry, remember the delicious taste of the strawberry, and whether it is delicious in my heart.  Today, I’m sharing a simple heart strawberry that is super cute,  as tasty as a sweet bowl of strawberries! The materials needed are very simple, with a few different colors of eva foam sheets, a pair of scissors and glue. The method is also very simple, just need to cut a few pieces of EVA foam sheets into a certain shape, and then glue them together.
Materials Needed:
Red, green, white and black color eva foam
Start by cutting out a large red heart with colored eva foam, 3 smaller green hearts and a few tiny white hearts. Glue all the green hearts together and add a stem. Stick the green heart and the white heart to the big red heart. Easy peasy!
You could also add a little character to you strawberry by gluing on a sweet face.  We love punching out circles for our eyes, but goggly eyes would look great too. If you have other ideas, you can try them. This has different styles of craft strawberry.
Heart Strawberry Card:
We turned our little heart strawberries into sweet cards.  The kids wrote “I LOVE YOU” on the inside of the card.  Adorable!  Create a simple backdrop by weaving brown paper to look like a berry basket.  Easy and so cute!