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DIY Paper Fan Garland Party Decor
2020-06-08 08:36
Gorgeous DIY Paper Fan Garland Party Decor
Learn how to fold a simple paper fan to create a beautiful rainbow patterned garland for your next party or event!
Paper in preferred colors
Stapler or Hot Glue gun and hot glue
1,Begin by choosing your colored papers;
Start with one piece of paper and fold it in half;  Folding and cutting paper for a fan garland 
Cut along the seam where it was folded;

2,Using one half of the paper, begin folding back and forth in a zig-zag fan pattern;  Folding paper in a zig zag pattern to make a fan 
Once done folding, fold ends back toward each other and glue in the center to create fan shape;  

3,Gluing paper fan ends together 

4,Continue this process with other colors until you have as many as needed for your garland;  A complete rainbow paper fan party decoration on a white wall 
Glue or staple the fans together and display on a wall.