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Beautiful DIY Paper Flower Photo Card
2020-06-07 12:21
Beautiful DIY Paper Flower Photo Card
Yes! These are super easy to add into an envelope and drop at the post office to mail to friends and family. 
Depending upon what type of picture you attach and what type of paper you choose, you may need to add an extra stamp to the envelope.
Supplies Needed
Purple glitter paper
Green craft paper
Purple craft paper
Printed photo snapshot
Adhesive glitter eva paper 
Glue stick
1,Begin by trimming your photograph into a circle.
Next, you will place your picture onto the green paper and trace around it to create the top of the flower making it around 1/2″ larger around than the photo.
Cut the green circle flower shape, stem, and leaves out of the green paper and set aside.

2,Now, you will cut a strip of purple paper around 2-3″ wide.
Fold this paper in half, and begin cutting strips of the purple paper. I cut mine into 1/4″ wide pieces, leaving the fold intact.
3,Once you have all of your purple pieces cut out, you will then begin gluing them in place around the outside edge of the green circle on the flower.

4,Glue these in place so that the folded side is on the outside, and the open ends are on either side of the green paper.
Once your flower has a purple “fringe” around the whole circle, you will then use your photo to trace a piece of the purple foam paper in a circle around 1/4″ wider around than the photo.
5,Place the purple foam paper in the center of the flower circle.
Now, you will glue your photo onto the center of the purple glitter paper.

Finally,you will add a few lines on the leaves and a special message to the back of the flower.