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What material is EVA foam?
2019-01-23 11:09
Foamy eva material often appears in our daily life, but we often ignore it, or we only know the finished product, but ignore what the finished product is made of, because people's instinct is neglected, so EVA foam The material became a strange name in the crowd. So what is the EVA foam material, what is the use of EVA foam? Let me introduce it to you.
One: What is EVA foam material?
EVA foam material is a common name we define. The English name is ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer. Its chemical name is ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer. It is an extremely common material and is a kind of mid-base material which is more common in daily life. The finished product made of it has good softness, shockproof, anti-slip and anti-stress, such as our common EVA foam slippers, cotton shoes, EVA foam mobile phone case, EVA foamipad cover and so on.
Two: What are the uses of EVA foam materials?
Use one: EVA colored foam sheets materials can be used in household refrigerators, gas pipes, civil construction boards, containers and other household items and daily necessities.
Use 2: EVA foam materials can be used for packaging films, gaskets, medical equipment, and can also be used as hot melt adhesives, cable insulation layers, etc.
Use 3: EVA foam materials are widely used in book wireless binding, digital product shell structural parts, furniture edge banding, assembly of automobiles and household appliances, shoemaking, carpet coating and metal anti-corrosion coating.

Three: Application fields of EVA foam materials
Field 1: Because EVA foam material has strong softness, chemical resistance and good elasticity, it is widely used in the sole and interior materials of various footwear.
Field 2: The EVA foam material has inclusive and crosslinkability that other materials do not have. Because of its performance, it is suitable for use in halogen-free flame-retardant cables, semiconductor shielded cables and two-step silane cross-linked cables. Used, it is also widely used in industrial and manufacturing supplies due to this property.
Our company specializes in EVA foam foam and other products, and adds other product elements such as glitter eva foam. It not only has all the characteristics of EVA foam, but unlike ordinary EVA foam, its surface is covered with gold powder. The use and field of use are even broader.