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What are the methods of choosing foam mat
2019-03-15 14:30
1. When selecting color eva foam, it is mainly determined by its tactile and elasticity. It should feel soft and ductile. In addition, a more practical way to identify is to bubble in half, rub each other a rub. If you drop sponges without rubbing them, you should get rid of them.
2, whether the eva mat are durable, and whether the surface is smooth, if it is a bit rough, it is easy to wear and reduce the life of the product. The material of the mat is easy to distinguish, as long as the hand to tear the fiber down to see what is made of material. See if it's frothy.

3. At present, there are more foam pad brands on the market. If you choose, you should comprehensively measure and select foam pad products from five aspects: brand, performance, quality, service and price, and choose the products produced by regular manufacturers as far as possible.
Presumably after reading, the answer to the toxic foam pad is that most foam pads are toxic because of formamide. Therefore, we must pay attention to the selection of foam pad quality selection skills, especially do not choose some small manufacturers of foam pad products, because these products are likely to add a lot of formamide.